Bella Vitta, Taipei

Sorry for the slow posts… bB is down with the flu. :( But I will try to continue slowly! :)

After exploring Shida Night Market and the surrounding streets, Xinhui and Yuting took me to Bella Vitta, so I could purchase macarons for **The Macaron Scribbles**. Thanks to them, bB had her first experience of taking a bus in Taipei. I would never have figured out the routes on my own.


Bella Vitta is an up-market mall, with all the big brands. Reminds me a little of Ion Orchard.



So this was the chosen macaron shoppe for **The Macaron Scribbles** in Taipei… Patisserie Sadaharu Aoki!



Ooooh! <3


Unfortunately, after this peekture, bB was stopped from snapping any further by the counter staff. I was hoping to snap peektures of the flavours. Oh well. Stay tuned for the actual entry in **The Macaron Scribbles**!

x o x o