Weekend Etcetera

My weekend in peektures…

Tea for two at Coffee Stars by Dao.





Drinking decaf is like having chicken rice without the chicken.


Junk food shopping at Marks & Sparks. Junk food fuels me when I work. And I need to get a tonne done this week.


Tee-shopping at H&M.


St. Patrick’s Day at Scruffy Murphy’s, which was also their final day of business.


Monopoly with an awesome gang at an awesome little apartment in the west.


Weekend was nice. :)

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More Taipei planning

bB is more or less done with researching Taipei!


That’s how it looks in my head. LOL! In fact, that’s probably how everything looks in my head – Appears chaotic but I know where everything is!

So bB’s Taipei schedule looks something like this:

2 April – Arrive at noon. Have arranged for a driver to pick me up and send me to the hotel. Meet Vi and Mike, hang out, have dinner, maybe go to a pub and play pool. They may need to meet family for supper, so bB will have an early night snoozing.

3 April – Meet Vi and Mike, go shopping at Wufenpu 五分埔. Walk over to Raohe Night Market 饶河观光夜市 in the evening. Must eat- grilled mushrooms at Raohe NM.

4 April – Explore Jiufen 九份 (old streets, teahouse, everything closes at 6 pm), Shifen 十分 (waterfall, 三味蛋), Pingxi 平溪 (release sky lanterns), and end off at Keelung Miaokou Night Market 基隆庙口夜市. Either solo or with tour guide.

5 April – Shifting hotels, so will explore Zhongxiao 忠孝 area (underground and overground malls) around Dunhua 忠孝敦化 and Fuxing 忠孝复兴. Check out Shida Night Market 师大路夜市 in the evening. Must eat- grilled scallops at Shida NM.

6 April – Take MRT to Xinbeitou 新北投 for 11:30 am hot-spring appointment at Villa32. Gourmet lunch in the garden afterwards if weather permits (fingers crossed). Maybe horse-riding after that, or take the MRT to Danshui 淡水 (old streets, grilled squid, 阿给 fried tofu stuffed with glass noodles in spicy sauce, everything closes 5 pm). Maybe check out Shilin Night Market 士林夜市 if I’m not falling asleep by then. Must eat- strawberry sausages, big intestines 大肠 at Shilin NM. Also check out cheese potato in front of Yangming cinema 阳明戏院 on Anping Street 安平街.

7 April – Place order online for Pineapple cakes (and lots more!) at Chiate 佳德糕饼 for delivery next day. Place order for Sun cakes 太阳饼 at 李仪饼店 (Taipei Main Station, Exit Z6, minimum order NT$1,500 for delivery next day). Explore Ximending 西门町. Must eat- original 阿宗面线 at Ximending. Look for 满汉大餐 braised beef noodles, Agar-agar Lovemore facial masks at Cosmed or Watsons.

8 April – Meet Vi and Mike, check out Taipei 101, Hello Kitty cafe, Shilin NM.

9 April – Meet Vi and Mike, either hang out and chill or go to Taoyuan 桃源 for Ta Shee Blooming Oasis 大溪花海农场 (tonnes of flowers, play with ponies, bunnies and lamb, make lavender pillows). Get to airport by 2 pm.

Oh, and in between all that, eat 阿宗面线 whenever I see it! And look out for IJY Sheng Bakery 一之轩 for their Mentaiko French bread, German cheese and handmade sesame mochi (Taipei Main Station, Exit M6).

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Glycine Classic Mini Pompon

So, I have been torn about revealing this now, since I don’t have it in my hot little hands yet. But I do have peektures from BFF Vickie, so why the hell not, right?

My chosen favourite colour of Spring/Summer 2012 is Glycine. Since missing out on Murier as my very first MPP, I have been patiently waiting for something to replace it. And when I saw the swatches, I knew Glycine would steal my heart. <;3

After an email convo with Steve, my SA at Costa Mesa, he proceeded to locate one for me. It was, at the time, the very last piece in the US! He sent me a lovely peekture of it. The leather looked scrumptious!


Upon seeing this peekture, any doubt I had went right out the window!

However! It wasn’t to be such an easy journey procuring Little Glycine. Steve mailed to say unfortunately, that piece had a large scratch in the leather behind and could not be sold. The good news was, there were two Glycine MPPs available to order from Balenciaga.com (which were not visible to the public). Balenciaga.com and the Balenciaga boutiques operate separately and Steve could not order from the inventory there.

TWO! Only two!

Mr Bb came to the rescue by getting on the phone to Balenciaga CS, and placing the order right away to ship to my BFF Vi!

Vi will then meet bB in Taiwan with Glycine! :)

Barely a few days later, Vi had a gigantic box delivered to her door…










It is intriguing how the colour changes in different light. I’m loving all the variations I’ve seen though! But what I really love about Glycine is the fact that Mr Bb got on the case so quickly to buy it and Vi was more than happy to carry it to Taiwan for me. bB is very moved, and very lucky. Glycine will be extra special because of the both of you. :)

More peektures to come, when Glycine comes home with bB from Taiwan! Maybe we will do a live reveal in Taiwan too!

x o x o

ps. Just checked Balenciaga.com and it appears they have stock peektures up of possibly the very last Glycine Classic Mini Pompon. Here are the peektures as a colour reference…





**The Macaron Scribbles** : Darcis – Box #2

The evening when Mr Bb took bB to Osteria Mozza for dinner, bB managed to score a second box of Darcis macarons. We got a proper box this time!














There was the Caramel…





The Gingerbread…



The Blackcurrant Violet…





Raspberry and Nougat…






And Strawberry Poppy…





Generally, I have to say, Box #2 wasn’t as good as Box #1 was. Maybe it was because bB gobbled Box #1 on the actual day of purchase. Or maybe Darcis isn’t as consistent as they should be, for the price they command. While all the flavours were still delicious, I felt that the shells were not as chewy as before. And the very last macaron, the Strawberry Poppy, was actually really crumbly and not chewy at all. I wonder if it’s because it has been consumed too late (several days after purchase).

Out of Box #2, bB’s favourites are the Blackcurrant Violet, Raspberry and Caramel. The Nougat was not bad as well. I really wanted to love the Strawberry Poppy but the strawberry flavour wasn’t quite distinct enough. And if only they were all a little chewier!

Darcis macarons are still the best I’ve tried in Singapore so far. On a good day, they really kick ass. But as for consistency in standard, ET Artisan Sweets fare better. You can count on them for churning out macarons of the same good quality everyday, and they keep very well for up to five days (maybe even longer, but bB cannot vouch for that).




Read about Box #1 here.

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
2 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018972


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Cotton Bleu

After a rather interesting animation talk at one of our local institutions, Mr Bb and bB headed to Thomson for dinner last Friday.

Cotton Bleu was another one of those places that bB had been wanting to try for a while. Yes, there are tonnes of these places in her little food wishlist. :)

It was a cosy little French restaurant, with an authentically French chef who married a Singaporean lady.



bB quite liked the blue and vanilla interior.




Apparently, they bake their own bread. It came out piping hot and was oh-so-good. Slightly crusty outside and fluffily soft inside. I had to hold back from eating all of it.


Then, the escargots came and they were pretty awesome too. Almost as good as The Ship’s. Mr Bb enjoyed watching bB gobble them down so much that he gallantly refused to have one more. At this point, it was futile resisting the remaining bread bun. It turned out to be perfect for mopping up the garlic and butter in the escargot pan.


His pumpkin soup was rather delicately flavoured. Not a bad thing but we both prefer full-flavoured pumpkin soup that is a little more hearty.


For our mains, we decided to share their classic Rosemary Lamb Rack and Filet Mignon Frites.


The steak was quite divine! The portion was smaller than usual but the texture was extremely tender. We both loved it!


The lamb paled in comparison. I personally feel that lamb should be done medium rare by default. These were done medium. I have read similar comments online so I guess this is standard for them. The kidney beans were very good though.

This is one place that lets diners have ample room for dessert. :) We could have two instead of sharing one.


The raspberry cheesecake was as good as it looked. It reminded me of one very awesome slice of cheesecake I once had in Melbourne. <3


Their special dessert for the week was Apple Croustade Caramelised with Calvados served with Crispy Pastry and Vanilla Ice-cream.

Though Mr Bb preferred the cheesecake, I thought this was really yummy too! The flavours came together really nicely if we made sure to scoop a little of each element in the dish. The caramelised apple slices were quite delicious!

Thumbs up for Cotton Bleu. We will be back. Maybe if we try the lamb again, it would be interesting to request for it to be done medium rare.


205 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574345

6252 5525

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Things have a way of working themselves out

The past week has been a (fun) frenzy of crash researching on Taiwan and what bB can get up to over there!

One slight frustration was the limitation of being a solo traveller – hiring a guide/car for a day tour would be rather cost-ineffective. Yet there are some areas around Taipei that are best covered with a driver and guide.

Miraculously, however, bB may have found a companion to share a coupla day tours with!

I love the power of the Internet. I friggin’ love technology.

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