Wild Honey @ Scotts Square

bB had such an awesome dinner and a way-overdue ketchup with one of her oldest girlfriends!

Nicole and bB were classmates in high school, from age 13 to 16. Good times!

Due to work and clash of schedules, we have not caught up for a few months. So we checked out the new(ish) Wild Honey at Scotts Square! This is a newer outlet of their flagship restaurant at Mandarin Gallery.


This outlet is a lot bigger! And accepts online reservations!


The service staff are very young and you can tell they are still learning. No problem with their attitudes but they have to learn not to put things onto the tables with so much force. LOL! They literally bang things down and run off. I’m fine with it but I can imagine Kate getting very pissed off at this (since she used to be a trainer in the service industry).

My South African Rooibos tea came with a little jug of honey. It was thoroughly enjoyable.


Nic had the Scandinavian.


Salmon was perfectly done (tender and moist), and tasted wonderful with the Hollandaise sauce.


I had the Tunisian. I know, bB is so boring.


Awesome as usual! I came very close to finishing both slices of thick toast this time (usually only eat one slice).


One important thing to take note about this place – it is a freezer. Definitely need a shawl or cardie. Tables at the side are not as cold as those in the middle. We actually requested to shift tables twice. We are troublez.



There is a cute balcony area for those unable to tolerate the indoor freezer conditions.


Wild Honey @ Scotts Square lacks the cosy, idyllic atmosphere of the original store at Mandarin Gallery, but the latter accepts no reservations. I guess it’s a reasonable arrangement. The menu at Scotts Square has more items as well. But though bB considered trying them, she could not refuse her old favourite.

The standard of food is just as excellent, as far as bB can tell. The slightly rough service doesn’t affect me so I will definitely be back for sure. I can tell they are not rude, just need a bit of polishing to handle the stress during peak hours. I wonder if the manager is a little too tough on them? Perhaps she needs to teach them to be quick, without rushing. :) I must say, there was a young lady who served us that was quite good though.

The location is excellent, especially on days when the walk to Mandarin Gallery seems a little too challenging to take on for the sake of scrumptious all-day brekkie.

6 Scotts Road
#03-01 Scotts Square
Singapore 228209

6636 1816


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