Cotton Bleu

After a rather interesting animation talk at one of our local institutions, Mr Bb and bB headed to Thomson for dinner last Friday.

Cotton Bleu was another one of those places that bB had been wanting to try for a while. Yes, there are tonnes of these places in her little food wishlist. :)

It was a cosy little French restaurant, with an authentically French chef who married a Singaporean lady.



bB quite liked the blue and vanilla interior.




Apparently, they bake their own bread. It came out piping hot and was oh-so-good. Slightly crusty outside and fluffily soft inside. I had to hold back from eating all of it.


Then, the escargots came and they were pretty awesome too. Almost as good as The Ship’s. Mr Bb enjoyed watching bB gobble them down so much that he gallantly refused to have one more. At this point, it was futile resisting the remaining bread bun. It turned out to be perfect for mopping up the garlic and butter in the escargot pan.


His pumpkin soup was rather delicately flavoured. Not a bad thing but we both prefer full-flavoured pumpkin soup that is a little more hearty.


For our mains, we decided to share their classic Rosemary Lamb Rack and Filet Mignon Frites.


The steak was quite divine! The portion was smaller than usual but the texture was extremely tender. We both loved it!


The lamb paled in comparison. I personally feel that lamb should be done medium rare by default. These were done medium. I have read similar comments online so I guess this is standard for them. The kidney beans were very good though.

This is one place that lets diners have ample room for dessert. :) We could have two instead of sharing one.


The raspberry cheesecake was as good as it looked. It reminded me of one very awesome slice of cheesecake I once had in Melbourne. <3


Their special dessert for the week was Apple Croustade Caramelised with Calvados served with Crispy Pastry and Vanilla Ice-cream.

Though Mr Bb preferred the cheesecake, I thought this was really yummy too! The flavours came together really nicely if we made sure to scoop a little of each element in the dish. The caramelised apple slices were quite delicious!

Thumbs up for Cotton Bleu. We will be back. Maybe if we try the lamb again, it would be interesting to request for it to be done medium rare.


205 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574345

6252 5525

x o x o