Osteria Mozza

Osteria Mozza at Marina Bay Sands was one place bB has wanted to eat at for a while, after interesting reports from various friends. So when Eric suggested dinner there, she was happy to oblige!


Complimentary amuse bouche from the chef. I have no idea what it was, but it was quite divine. It was creamy, cheesy, savoury and crunchy…


We got a little greedy ordering starters. I heard so much about the grilled octopus that I had to try it. The texture was beautiful. It’s true they may be a little heavy handed on the sea salt but it didn’t ruin the dish, in my opinion.


From the legendary mozzarella bar, we had to order two dishes. One was not gonna be enough!

We had the Burrata with beets, horseradish and mizuna, which rocked our socks off completely. The flavours and textures came together perfectly.


And the Mozzarella Tasting included bufala mozzarella, burrata and burricotta.


The smoked mozzarella was a little too smoky… We didn’t like it so much but the other two were lovely. It was served with bread chunks which bB did not touch because she wanted more tummy space. :P


For the main, bB had the Grilled Wagyu Beef Tagliata with rucola and Parmigiano Reggiano. The wagyu melted in my mouth. Save for the end pieces which were a tad chewy, the rest were perfectly done. Eric proclaimed it was the best beef he has ever had.


His main was the Guinea Hen with liver pancetta sauce. This was the perfect choice for him, being a big fan of liver! The liver sauce and the hen were awesome together…


For the sides, we chose fried potatoes with rosemary and roasted cauliflower with red onion and mint yoghurt.

The potatoes were done perfectly. Thin layer of crisp exterior, soft and fluffy inside.


The cauliflower, bB had to admit, was excellent too. Very different from the usual flavours and definitely worked very well.


As we were sipping our wine, the nice waiter kindly reminded us that there was a dessert menu… :D

And so, we had the Blackberry Jam Crostata, with blackberry compote and vanilla gelato. Despite being stuffed to the brim, we could almost… just almost finish this! It was that good.


The service at Osteria Mozza was excellent and very sincere. The tables were really close together though. It was hard not to eavesdrop on people. LOL! The bathrooms were crazily cold, almost like freezer rooms. The oldskool hot and cold taps were a nice touch though.

Yes, it’s Mr Bb. We are still good friends.



Thank you for such a wicked awesome dinner! :)

10 Bayfront Ave
Singapore 018956

6688 8868


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**The Macaron Scribbles** : Jewels Artisan Chocolate – Box #2

When bB was running errands, she happened to pass by Jewels and thought, why not?


So the second box was purchased! This time, the Black Garlic was included. Funny that the colour was a gorgeous rich pink!


There was a faint aroma of garlic… Quite appetising!


As you can see, the shells don’t hold up very well. This seems to be the one common complaint about macarons from Jewels.



I actually really liked this. Together with the Black Palm Island Salt, it seems Jewels’ best macarons are the savoury ones.

Gave Passionfruit a second chance…





It was much better this time. At least the tartness was there.







The Black Palm Island Salt was as good as before, with a nice big chunk of salted egg yolk in the filling.

Hazelnut was as good and smooth as before too.



Lastly, it was a second chance for Butterscotch.



The filling was heavenly! But I did not enjoy the shell texture. It crumbled way too easily. If they could do something to beef up the shell, this would be amazing.

Conclusion after Box #2 is, bB may not buy from Jewels again. Yes, the Black Garlic and Black Palm Island Salt are good, and Hazelnut as well, but I’m starting to learn that I really prefer shells to be a little more chewy. As of now, Darcis is in top spot, with ET Artisan Sweets in second place.

Read about Box#1 here.


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