Tomo Izakaya

I love izakayas. To me, izakayas mean Japanese plum wine and tonnes of nommy Japanese snacks to go with. So when Sui suggested a night out at an izakaya, I happily agreed.

We started off with a carpaccio dish… It wasn’t bad. The prawn sashimi was very fresh and creamy, as were the salmon. The white fish was so-so.


Followed by gyu tataki… This would have been better if the beef slices were a little less chewy.


Square chicken meatballs with yuzu sauce (if they are square, should they be known as meatcubes?). Very interesting taste, not too bad.


My favourite dish at any sumiyaki or izakaya, grilled okra wrapped in bacon. Not the best I have had (which is at Kazu Sumiyaki), but is always good anyway.


I love mentai-ko (spicy fish roe) but never had it in its original form until now… I liked it, although some bits were so salty that it was actually bitter.


Agedashi tofu as an attempt to eat a little healthy something… Pretty good, smooth and hearty.


Onigiri in clear soup which really filled us up… The roasted rice added awesome aroma to this. This was quite good even though we got really stuffed.


And the last dish, grilled mushroom wrapped in bacon with mentai-ko cheese sauce. This one wasn’t good at all. The other dishes were not too bad but this one was quite terrible. The bacon was burnt and hard instead of crispy.


We then took a walk over the bridge, stopping for a few minutes to listen to a live band performing, and admiring the Merlion which I haven’t seen since that whole shebang where it was trapped in a makeshift hotel so people could pay to sleep with it.


Wanted a popsicle but they were closed. :(


We then settled at Overeasy for a coupla interesting cocktails. Mine was the one with the meringue. We were confused over how it should be consumed…


We also devoured a blooberry waffle between us. It was an extremely satisfying night of food, drink and chitchat!

Tomo Izakaya @ Esplanade
8 Raffles Avenue
#01-09 Esplanade Mall
Singapore 039802

6333 0012

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