Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine (Marina Bay Sands)

Had lunch today with Mac at Imperial Treasure, Marina Bay Sands. It was good to catch up after so many years! :)



We could look down into the casino from here. Very interesting!


The food at this outlet is Teochew style while the usual outlets I have been to with Kate were Cantonese style. This resulted in some differences in the dishes.

The roast pork was the same though. As awesome as ever.


I wanted plain congee, which they did not have. The waiter recommended oyster congee. It was nice but I still prefer Cantonese style congee I think.


The deep-fried squid was also slightly different. The batter was lighter and the seasoning was saltier with a little spice. It was pretty good.


And a serving of roast duck. Divine.


Mac wanted a coupla dim sum dishes. Non-negotiable, he said. LOL!


I thought the meat dumplings were average while the prawn dumplings were good with very fresh prawn fillings.

And lastly, mango pudding for dessert. Which was rather good, I must say. I could tell it was made with fresh mango.


As usual, Imperial Treasure served up excellent food. Mac was happy enough to say he would take his parents there one day. Service was warm and prompt. The crazy high ceilings give this outlet a rather palatial vibe, with rich finishes and luxurious booths to sit in. The interior is definitely a touch classier than the other outlets.

x o x o

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