Love Bonito’s Ignacia Dress Review

Sorry girls! This entry is very late! bB just didn’t have the time or occasion to try the Ignacia dresses on… till yesterday for Valentine’s Day!

It wasn’t easy to take peektures of the dress properly…




Even though it looks like it fits bB well, there is actually a fair bit of bunching around the waist. Love Bonito needs to make the waistline of XS items smaller than they are now or bB will have to rethink ordering any items from them even in XS. The poor-fitting waist made the dress keep riding up as I walked. The dress itself was lovely, but would require a nip in the waist at the tailor’s or it could be worn as a long top over a skirt or jeans alternatively. If that doesn’t work out well, another possibility would be to cut off the bottom and make the dresses into Paxton Tops. I will keep you girls posted when I explore these options!

Strangely, I am unable to link to the dress on the site, it looks like it was taken off Love Bonito and isn’t even in the Archives. But do check out Love Bonito for other dresses.

x o x o

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