**The Macaron Scribbles** : ET Artisan Sweets #3

Here is the third and final report on bB’s first box of macarons from ET Artisan Sweets, the first macaron shoppe subjected to scrutiny in bB’s quest for nommy macarons in **The Macaron Scribbles**!

The last two macarons in the box were Yuzu and Rose. They look so pretty in peektures! <3




bB has heard good things about the Yuzu macarons from ET Artisan Sweets.


And it lived up to its reputation. The texture wasn’t as rough as some of the previous ones, and the filling was an awesome buttercream with a touch of tartness from a bit of jam. bB could eat this one again for sure.

Next up was the Rose. bB loved this colour. <3





The Rose was very full-flavoured. A little too sweet, but still enjoyable until maybe the last bite. bB may give this another try the next time to see if it’s always this sweet.

Stay tuned for the next macaron shoppe to be put to the taste (and appearance) test!


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