Beware of!

In my quest for my perfect simple black wedges to replace my current ones which are getting worn to death, I found this site that does customised designs. I was so happy to find them!

So I sent them an email last year before Christmas, inquiring prices and details. The owner, Kris K, replied. I was quoted US$185 for my first pair, based on the specifications I gave, which included a 4.5mm poron insole (for added comfort) that costs US$15.

I let this matter sit for awhile over the festive season while I considered it. Shipping to Singapore would be about US$50 per pair.

Mr Bb is in NYC over the next week and I thought, why not ship to NYC?

So I got in touch with Kris again and asked if he could get a pair to NYC before 19 Jan. He said yes, with an additional rush order charge of US$25. He also re-quoted me US$195 for the same pair I have inquired about before. I didn’t object to it.

Now, when the time came to make the payment (and we were cutting it close, because he wasn’t the fastest at replying my emails), he suddenly said he had to add US$15 for the 4.5mm poron insoles. The Paypal invoice he sent to me turned out to be US$235 (US$195 for the shoes, US$25 rush order charge, US$15 for the insoles)!

When I questioned this, Kris then replied that he has decided not to take my order! WTF!

Sounds to me like they are in the habit of blatantly overcharging people! And when you question it, they just cut you off to avoid the issue! Un-friggin-believable!